Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Images from the exhibition: 'If you cut through the present the future leaks out' presented by Expanded Draught, March 2013

'If you cut through the present the future leaks out'
presented by Expanded Draught @ The Shed, March 2013

Exhibiting Artists:
Kit French Virginia, USA.
Cyril Briscoe, Galway Ireland.
Joanne Dolan, Galway, Ireland.
Danielle Burns, Tennessee, USA.
Lindsey Maestri, Arkansas, USA.
Tyler Mackie, Oregon, USA.
Alwyn Reville, Galway, Ireland.
Cody Arnall, Okalhoma, USA.
Hannah, M. Sanders, Georgia, USA
Kyle J. Bauer, Maryland, USA.
Megan Singleton, Missouri, USA
Suzanne Dolan, Galway, Ireland.
Allison Regan, Galway Ireland.
Jacob Hauck, Missouri, USA.
Yoojeung Park, Seoul, South Korea
David Carpenter, Arkansas, USA.
Dave Callan, Galway, Ireland.
Ian Harte, Dublin Ireland.

 Photo Credit: Brendan Goode

 Photo Credit, Allison Regan

Monday, 8 April 2013


Lorg Presents... An Exhibition of Contemporary Printmaking

Thursday April 11th // 7-9pm // The Shed 

Lorg Presents...brings together works by over 16 national and international artists working in a variety of contemporary print media, spanning from traditional printmaking, sculptural works, photography, collage and book art.

Anastasia Artemeva | Fiona Burke | Ramona Burke | Tom O'Dea | Stefanie Dykes | Dominic Fee | Aoibheann Greenan | Fiona Kelly | Lynne O' Loughlin | Alicia Lydon | Sumi Perera | Tim O'Neil | Paul Maye | Matthew Quain | Dolores De Sade | GMIT Printmaking Students

Contributing artists have responded to ideas of the dialogue between the production and consumption of information, focusing on the subjectivity of data and culturally adopted conventions.

Exhibition dates: April 11th - 27th
Opening times: Tuesday- Saturday, 12-6pm, or by appointment.
Lorg Printmakers