Saturday, 1 October 2011


Dr Andrew Livingstone works as an artist and a Senior Lecturer and Subject Leader for Ceramics at the University of Sunderland. 

Andrews work uses a range of media which acknowledges the interface between both traditional practice and new media. Recent exploration aims to challenge and expand contemporary locations in respect of the traditional positioning of ceramics. The integration of digital media and new technologies has become central to his practice where new media is often positioned and juxtaposed with more traditional elements.
Investigation focuses on interpretation and reaction to situations both as a result of direct and indirect experience. The challenge to material structures and familiarity are positioned centrally as is the search for innovative outcomes that explore both process and visual significance. This often includes elements and situations that represent both micro and macro visual perspectives which in turn explore frameworks within both local and global culture.
The notion of visual complacency is a recurring event where the reading of the ‘familiar’ presents strategies for investigation. Using installation and new media, familiarity with material, artistic process, and the hand of the maker, are continually exposed and reconstructed to offer new interpretations. 


Postmodern Animal

Surfeit 621 

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