Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Unrequited Hatred - Press Release

Unrequited Hatred

Curated by Darren Barrett and Tadhg Ó Cuirrín

The Shed, Galway Docks
11th - 25th August
Opening reception; Friday August 10th, 7pm

Opening Hours; Wednesday to Saturday 12pm - 6pm

Featuring work by: Darren Barrett, Alan Bulfin, Daniel Cunniffe, Terence Erraught, Nevan Lahart, Tadhg Ó Cuirrín, Jeroen Van Dooren, Kees van Lankveld, Francis Quinn.
'Play is nothing if nothing if not an open and unreserved challenge to everything opposed to play'
Georges Bataille

Unrequited Hatred will be a diverse and multi-faceted constellation of work, that is representative of a shared attitude or stance towards our artistic practice. This attitude manifests itself in the form of a collective desire to create work that is provocative, energetic, assertive and that is indifferent towards the increasing commercialisation of the contemporary art world.

Thematically, the exhibition will confront the obsession with utilising or killing time efficiently within the present consumerist society. This obsession filters itself through the mediums of technological devices such as television, computers, the internet and mobile phones. Champions of communicative technology posit that this free flow of information has helped liberate the role of the individual within Western society. However a convincing argument could be made that precisely the opposite has occurred; namely that the constant bombardment of information and visual stimuli has had the effect of debilitating the individuals capacity to think and reflect, contributing to the pervading sense of ennui and lethargy that characterises the postmodernist epoch.

The exhibition Unrequited Hatred will respond to, and attempt to transcend the present condition. In this project the artists will attempt to carve up the exhibition space as an independent site from this culture of passivity. By intermixing a variety of different materials and sources, the objective will be to create work that is allusive and rich in connotations, that resists constrictive judgement and easy classification. The processes of play and humour will be used to provoke; but also to induce more expansive methods of thinking and creating.  In the final instance, while the project will ultimately remain firmly rooted within the fabric of the contemporary landscape, we will nonetheless strive to present to the viewer something of the disavowed and fantastical desires that lurk beyond the façade of everyday life

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